Constable Jimoke Ingram of Longville Park in Clarendon, along with Sheldon Harris, a car wash operator from the same area, are facing charges of murder and multiple violations of the Firearms Act. The charges are related to the shooting death of 59-year-old Donnett Lowe, a farmer residing in Longville Park on December 27.

Clarendon Police reported that the murder suspects were apprehended on the same day and identified during an identification parade. Further investigations led authorities to Constable Ingram’s residence, where a pistol, assorted ammunition rounds, and 12 magazines were discovered in a barrel. Alongside the constable, Shanika Simpson, a customer service representative residing at the same address, faces charges related to five additional gun offenses.

The trio is scheduled to appear in the May Pen Parish Court on Monday, January 8.


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