Police maintain a tight-lipped stance regarding the ongoing investigation into the suspected murder of the former Member of Parliament’s wife. Initially reported as a peaceful passing in her sleep, Melissa Silvera’s demise has taken a chilling turn. Crime Chief Deputy Commissioner of Police, Fitz Bailey, has refrained from making detailed comments, citing the need for additional time. The silence surrounding the death of Melissa Silvera, wife of former People’s National Party’s West St. Mary Member of Parliament, Joylan Silvera, has enveloped the nation in intrigue and speculation. Initially believed to be a peaceful passing on Friday, November 10, subsequent investigations revealed a grim reality—Melissa had been fatally shot at least three times. This stark shift in events has left the public grappling with a slew of unanswered questions, each layer adding complexity to an already perplexing case. Watch the report:

Reporter: Natalia Clarke