Police Recover Stolen Flow Cables 

The St. Catherine south police are being praised for their swift intervention which resulted in the recovery of several rolls of stolen Flow cable in Portmore. For the second time in one month, the St. Catherine south police have had to interrupt a major cable theft in the Silver Stone community. The cables have been identified as the property telecommunications company, Flow. 

Police reports are that at about 4:30 Thursday morning, men were seen removing the cover from a manhole in the community. 

Head of the division, Senior Superintendent Christopher Phillips says the men were chased by the police, but escaped on foot, leaving their car behind. Senior Superintendent Phillips says the police are stepping up their vigilance, and have already started investigations into the matter. General Manager of Flow, Stephen Price is commending the police for its quick intervention which led to the recovery of the company’s cables. He says theft and vandalism of telecommunications infrastructure has been treated like petty larceny for far too long. He’s urging persons to remain vigilant and report any suspected threat to those resources.

Reporter: Velonique Bowen