Police Presence Needed After Multiple Robberies

Resident Appeal for Police Presence – There is an atmosphere of fear in the Glendale and Hughenden communities in St. Andrew as robberies have significantly increased in the area. In recent times, robbers have moved to steal motor vehicles from homes and residents are uncertain of what more to do to protect themselves and their property.

“Housebreak-in…if you lock up your house and gone and come back it break-in. They watch you if anybody is not at home, tear down your grill, go through the window, all those things,” one resident shared.

Another resident told CVM LIVE that her neighbour was recently robbed. “My neighbour there next door, one evening she was coming in and from work and just as she turn to go inside there was a car parked there. Two gunmen and they stick her upright at her gate there, took her car from her.”

Her experience has been shared by other residents who are now appealing for support from the police to make the areas safer.

“I think it is greatly unfair for someone to go through so much where they have take out a loan to purchase a vehicle and before the closing of the week, it is gone,” said Glendale resident, Kerry Blake. “I am begging on behalf of Glendale to have more police presence. We want to be monitored more regularly.”

The Councillor for the Hughenden division, Andrew Harris has taken note of these reports.

“I’m just making this appeal that we come together, lookout for our neighbour – whenever our neighbour is not there they should tell you as a neighbour to say I’m not there- and you look out for your neighbour.”

A few months ago, robbers targeted the Pembrooke Hall community. Since the cameras were installed, there has been a decline in crime. Residents in Glendale and Hughenden are hoping that the same will be done in their area.