Police Persistent About Reducing the Crime In Riverton City

Amid several operations that were conducted in the Riverton City community in St. Andrew, police are adamant that they remain steadfast in the pursuit of gang members. Despite the challenges they face with accessing the area, the police are focused on maintaining control and seizing more illegal weapons. 

Senior Superintendent of Police for the St. Andrew South Division Kirk Ricketts describes the area as one of the country’s most violent spaces. A series of violent acts over the past months have prompted the police to conduct several operations, in an effort to disarm the gangs. 

Ricketts says the police aim to recover more high-powered weapons from the area, as operations continue. Acting operations officer of the St Andrew South Police Coleridge Minto says the police force has partnered with other law enforcement offices to bring gang members to justice. Watch the report:

Reporter: Nasika Alliman
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