Police Operations in Clarendon Bearing Results

There was an increased police operation in Clarendon on Sunday, August 2, a roadblock was set up along Tollgate in the parish as part of a 60-day crime reduction plan.

During this police operation, several vehicles were searched and persons of interest taken in for questioning.

Clarendon has one of the growing crime rates in the country but recent statistics showed that murders are down 30% compared to a similar period last year. Shootings, assaults, robberies, and rape are also trending downwards.

Inspector, Karey Duncan explains that the strategic spot check was a deliberate attempt to catch criminals.

According to the police, 100 vehicles were stopped, 400 searched. A few persons of interest were also taken in. 

As for the commuting public, although inconvenienced, they understood the reason for the searches. There was a bumper to bumper traffic on tollgate road.

Commuters didn’t speak on camera but said the searches were a necessary part of the crime-fighting strategy. Clarendon is responsible for most of the country’s crimes.