In the face of an alarming rise in road fatalities, reaching nearly five hundred in 2023, stakeholders in Jamaica are intensifying efforts to curb this tragic trend, aiming to bring the figure below 400 in 2024. The year has been marred by a grim reality, with road-related fatalities surpassing a staggering 400 people, prompting authorities to take decisive action against speeding and other road use infractions. One of the key initiatives involves the deployment of over 3000 electronic ticket devices equipped with printers in the Police’s Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB). This move comes as part of a comprehensive strategy to address the root causes of road accidents and enhance public safety.

Approximately 700 of these rugged E-ticketing devices were integrated into PSTEB’s arsenal over a year ago, proving to be remarkably efficient in enforcing traffic regulations. Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson emphasizes the need for collective responsibility, expressing concern over the high number of road infractions. He underscores that every Jamaican should be on a quest to safeguard their lives and well-being, reinforcing the idea that road safety is a shared responsibility.

These E-ticketing devices are just one facet of the resources recently added to the police’s armory, which also includes bikes and dogs. National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang emphasizes that these additions are integral to the government’s mandate of “Building Today for a Safer Tomorrow.” The multifaceted approach involves not only enforcing regulations but also investing in advanced tools and technology to enhance the efficiency of law enforcement efforts. As the nation grapples with the devastating impact of road accidents, these concerted efforts by the Jamaican authorities signify a commitment to creating a safer and more secure environment for all citizens. Watch The Report Below:

Reporter: Natalia Clarke