The police are following strong leads into the brutal murder of Hanover businessman Hing Je, who was gunned down by masked hoodlums at his operation on Wednesday. The 36-year-old Chinese national died on the spot.

The shocking and horrifying murder was captured on CCTV. We caution, though blurred, some of the images may be disturbing. The brutal murder, which unfolded before seemingly unsuspecting patrons, was captured on CCTV. Two masked men, seen entering the supermarket, in Green Island, Hanover, immediately made their intentions clear, as they both opened fire. Hing Je was shot multiple times, he collapsed and succumbed soon thereafter.

The trauma, sent others scurrying for cover and another man seemingly paralyzed by fear, was flung to the floor by the marauding gunmen. They then proceeded to rob the supermarket before making a casual exit.

CVM LIVE understands that Businessman Je only recently relocated to Hanover from St. James, where he also operated a supermarket. Reports surfaced initially that he was robbed of his licensed firearm, CVM LIVE can confirm, his firearm was not taken, as he was not armed.

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Reporter: Nasika Alliman