Police Commissioner: ZOSO A Possibility for Central Kingston

Police commissioner Major General Antony Anderson says although a ZOSO is on the table for implementation in central Kingston at some point, there are many other strategies with the ability to stagger the ongoing crime.

His response comes after continued protests and calls from stakeholders to implement the special crime-fighting measure to stem the wave of violent crimes in recent months.

Residents in Central Kingston have been calling for a ZOSO however, Major General says though ZOSO is on the table for implementation in Central Kingston at some point, there are many other strategies that have the ability to stagger the ongoing crime within the constituency before a development strategy is implemented.

PNP MP caretaker for Central Kingston, Imani Duncan has been calling on the government to implement a Zone of Special Operations after the killings and gun crimes grew unbearable for residents.

Close to 40 murders have been recorded there since the start of the year. There are currently four zones of special operations today and according to Jamaica national victimization survey 2019 within the zones, there has been a reduction of violence between 35% to 89%. 

However, police commissioner Major General Antony Anderson says though ZOSOs may be needed, this is only one of the many strategies that can help to quell the violence in Central Kingston.

Anderson says while the state of public emergency is a violent crime reduction tool, the ZOSO is a development strategy which may not be the most suitable choice at this time.

Between 70% to 80% of homicides committed are gang-related which has resulted in a list of over 20 communities that would lend themselves over into need of an intervention.