Police Clamp Down On Illegal Transport Along Gordon Road

Police clamp down on illegal transport along Gordon Road – It is now close to a month since the Gordon Town road broke away, creating major roadblocks for persons who traverse the area daily. Both sides of the breakaway have now been transformed into a taxi park. While there CVM LIVE observed, a strong police presence.

Deputy Superintendent, Collin Mellaneise says the police have been in the area from about 5:30 in the morning checking for vehicles and bikes which are operating illegally.

Bikes were the preferred mode of transport but then there were increase reports of robbery, goods going missing when they reach the other side.

Trolleys have now become the most popular option. Amid the police presence, there were almost no bikes and just a few vehicles in sight. For Danette Haughton, a poultry farmer, business is costing much more over the past three weeks.

The residents explained that persons have come from outside the area to transport both goods and people, which led to numerous concerns about safety and public order along Gordon Town road.