The St. Catherine South Police are investigating the shooting death of a police corporal and a taxi driver in Big Lane, Central Village on Wednesday, August 17. Residents from the area say men from outside the community are responsible for the attack.

Dead are Police Corporal Delwin Jackson who was assigned to the Glengoffe police station in St. Catherine North, and Kenroy Chandler a taxi driver from a Bog Walk address. Reports from police are that about 7: 15 residents heard explosions and alerted the police to the scene. When the police arrived they saw a grey Nissan Tida motor car, with the engine running was found at the scene.

Meanwhile, residents of Big Lane, Central Village, are distancing themselves from the policeman’s death. According to the residents, men outside of the community are responsible. The residents say they want stronger police presence throughout the community. Detectives assigned to the Major Investigations Division (MID) are probing double killings.

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