PNP’s Insiders Offer Advice As Party Crisis Deepens

As the People’s National Party (PNP) picks up the pieces after its recent election defeat, there is a growing concern for the future of the party. A leading member of the transition team has stepped away from the role shortly after accepting it.

As the Peoples National Party decides on how to steer the party forward, it is being met by numerous  road blocks. The Party on Monday  named an election review committee to assist in the implementation of its reform and renewal agenda.

But hours after the Party’s General Secretary announced the establishment of the Committee, the person appointed to chair it, Dr Canute Thompson, rejected the position.

CVM LIVE spoke with Political Commentator, Dr Rev Garnett Roper, he explains what he believes to be the reason behind the rejection. Earlier on Monday, the leader of the party, Dr Peter Phillips was told by the PNPYO that he has thirty days to step aside.

The letter was signed by the Organization’s President, Krystal Tomlinson. Rev Garnett says the call from the PNP Youth Organization is a natural and normal reaction to what’s happening in the PNP.

The PNP has paid the price for the known internal differences believed to have led to the crushing defeat  in the September 3 General Election.

Going forward  the Political Commentator says the PNP must do much more to redeem its credibility among its supporters.

CVM LIVE’s Christeen Forbes reports: