PNP’s Annual Conference Reveals Party’s Agenda

The PNP’s Annual Conference revealed the party’s agenda, focusing primarily on education and health under their conference theme Work, Organize and Win, coined together to create the slogan WOW.

Party leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, while making his case to be the next Prime Minister, lashed out at what he says is the Jamaica Labour Party’s mismanagement of the country’s resources.
The campaign is tied in with what Dr. Phillips describes as a “renewal process”, while addressing members and supporters, concentrated on national issues.

PNP's Annual Conference Reveals Party's Agenda
PNP’s Annual Conference, Dr Peter Phillips, Leader of The PNP meets with party supporters

The PNP’s Annual Conference also shared plans to develop new industries for Jamaica, fostering a new and modern economy, proper land and housing distribution, while effectively tackling crime and the main one is the transformation of the education system.

Dr. Phillips says the next PNP administration will establish an institute for excellence in education, affirming that the party will provide leadership training for principals, mobilize subject leaders in schools while implementing mentorship programs across the country.