PNP Vice Presidential Nominees Apologize to Crawford

PNP Vice Presidential nominees Ian Hayles and Richard Azan have issued an apology to the Member of Parliament for Central Manchester, the JLP’S Rhoda-Moy Crawford. In a joint statement on Wednesday, July 28, the nominees say they are sorry for any unintended offense caused by their utterances at a recent constituency conference.

The statement detailed their regret for how their utterances were received and perceived, explaining it was intended only as political banter.

The letter notes what was a once ‘cut-and-thrust’ banter on a political platform now constitutes an unacceptable personal attack on another politician. The politicians say they realize the importance of creating an environment that encourages persons to serve through politics, as the country faces unprecedented challenges.

Hayles, one of the PNP Vice Presidential nominees says it was never his intention to attack the Central Manchester MP, and that it was also never an attack on her gender.

The JLP’s Central Manchester Member of Parliament has since accepted the apologies.

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