In a recent candidates’ presentation ceremony in Westmoreland, Opposition Leader Mark Golding expressed his concerns about the Jamaican government’s claimed transparency. Golding took particular issue with the handling of six parliamentarians currently under investigation for potential illegal earnings. The Integrity Commission revealed last year that these individuals, along with 22 others, are being probed for illicit enrichment. Despite the ongoing investigation, no arrests or charges have been made. Golding questioned the government’s reluctance to mandate parliamentarians’ declarations with the Integrity Commission, emphasizing the need for transparency in public office. The People’s National Party, visibly prepared for campaigning, presented its candidates for Westmoreland, including Dwayne Vaz, former MP for Central Westmoreland. The event also saw PNP Vice President Mikael Phillips addressing recent political crossovers, while Golding emphasized the party’s commitment to youth voters, expressing confidence in providing a viable alternative.

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