The People’s National Party, PNP, insists Jamaicans are grappling to make ends meet and says the Andrew Holness led government has resorted “to speculative forecasting, relying on imagination and superstition instead of effective leadership.”

The PNP is responding to the Prime Minister’s recent claim that “when the PNP took office in 2011, we inherited an inflation rate of 7.56% from the JLP. By the end of our term in February 2016, we had reduced it to 3.68%, significantly alleviating the cost of living for Jamaicans while maintaining fiscal responsibility. This record underscores the PNP’s ability to manage inflation and enhance living conditions.”

In a release this morning, the opposition rebukes the PM’s cost of living claim and says “it is imperative for the Prime Minister to ground himself in reality and recognize the ongoing hardships faced by Jamaicans, rather than indulging in unfounded predictions.” Watch the report:

Watch the report: Major Stories – CVM TV