The Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips has responded to the latest development in the Ruel Reid-CMU corruption fallout.
Dr. Phillips says the arrest and charge of the five suspects Ruel Reid, Prof. Fritz Pinnock, Sharen Reid, Sharelle Reid, Kim Brown Lawrence is a start but more needs to be done. 

Dr. Phillips says he will continue to push for updates on other ongoing investigations. He then referred to the Petrojam Scandal which happened before the Reid-CMU case to which the Director of National Integrity Action (NIA), Dr. Trevor Munroe chimed in saying the conduct in which the raids of Reid and Pinnock’s houses have manifested a level of fairness.
Meanwhile, Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck has withdrawn his controversial comments, formerly criticizing how law enforcement authorities conducted the pre-dawn raids in the corruption probe.

Chuck stated that it was unfortunate and argued that investigators should have considered a different route.
He says his comments were inspired by the fact, that the media was present at the raids.
The withdrawal comes following public backlash from the People’s National Party Youth Organization (PNPYO) who have called for his immediate resignation.