People’s National Party, PNP, unveils New Candidates for the St. Catherine Division on Saturday evening at the Dinthill Technical High School in St. Catherine. Awaiting the imminent local and general elections, the PNP is diligently priming its contenders for the challenges ahead. This past weekend’s conference in Linstead, St. Catherine, served as the stage for the party to announce its latest candidates.

Mark Golding, the Leader of the Opposition, expressed the party’s readiness to spearhead Jamaica’s transformation. The introduction of new candidates was hailed as a pivotal move towards instigating change within the party. Notably, Senator Damion Crawford, the Opposition Spokesman on Education, has been nominated to contest the St. Catherine North Western constituency, alongside Natalie Neita Garvey for the St. Catherine North Central constituency. Garvey, emphasizing the government’s perceived shortcomings, pledged a comprehensive approach that encompasses both urban and rural Jamaica under their leadership. Watch the report:

Reporter: Trishagaye Kelly

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