PNP: NPL is Petrojam 2.0, Demands Accountability

Shadow Minister on Finance, Julian Robinson has described the Nutrition Product’s Limited, (NPL) findings as Petrojam 2.0, and is demanding accountability and good governance from the Government regarding numerous issues in the media. Among them are corruption concerns and instances of mismanagement, this as he cites examples in the First Rock deal and the recent NPL audit.

The Opposition member notes the concerns surrounding First Rock deals entered into by the board of the Airports Authority of Jamaica. Robinson highlighted the USD $3 million invested in First Rock which was brought to public attention in June 2021, he added that the questions which he tabled in Parliament to Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke were answered in July. Robinson noted that Minister Clarke had confirmed then that the Airport Authority of Jamaica had breached the Public Bodies and Management Accountability Act, (PBMA).

The Opposition notes information that alleges the board also tried to hide crucial information. Then the question of who is the Government protecting. Mr. Robinson went further questioning the management and oversight of the recently audited Nutrition Product’s Limited, (NPL). He went on to demand greater action and less talk.

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