PNP Disciplinary Committee Summons Cross to Hearing

The opposition People’s National Party, PNP has summoned party member and activist, Karen Cross to a disciplinary hearing later this month. 

CVM Live has obtained a copy of the letter sent to Ms Cross detailing alleged instances she tried to besmirch the party or cause concern. It notes that if Cross’ conduct is found to be counter to the organization’s interests she could be suspended, expelled, or fined and disqualified from holding any office in the party.

The letter dated June 9, 2021, states that the Party’s Internal Affairs Committee referred numerous complaints to the PNP Disciplinary Committee, alleging Ms Cross engaged in conduct that has brought the party into disrepute.

The issues related to social media posts allegedly by Cross publicly accusing among other people, PNP General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell and PNP Senator Peter Bunting of myriad unproven things. 

Among them, issues relating to a matter now before the courts, and allegedly under investigation. Cross is also heard in a voice clip saying she is prepared to ‘burn down the PNP’. Fourteen such posts and claims were highlighted.

The party says Ms Cross should indicate via letter by June 16 which of the three dates suggested she would attend the hearing. 

The Party’s constitution allows Cross the right to object to any one member of the panel, and that person would be replaced by one of the two remaining members of the Party’s disciplinary committee. The letter reads ‘for the purpose of the hearing you have a right to representation of your choosing’.

It states, should Cross’ conduct be deemed contrary to the interest of the organization, programmes, policies or principles of the party, pursuant to section 255 of the constitution, and the bylaws of the People’s National Party, the possible outcomes include suspension, expulsion, imposition of a fine and or disqualification from holding office in the party or representing the party.

It adds however that should she be suspended or expelled as a member of the party, she will have a right of appeal to the next session of the annual party conference, provided that notice of such appeal is lodged within thirty days of the decision of the National Executive Council.

Efforts to get a comment from Ms Cross ON Tuesday, June 15, proved futile.

Karen Cross Claps Back, No to ‘Kangaroo Court’

Meanwhile CVM LIVE also obtained a copy of the response sent by Ms Cross to the chairperson of the PNP’s disciplinary committee. 

The letter dated June 15 notes concerns with the tone in which the committee has summoned cross adding there’s an assumption thereby that she was wrong and that the general secretary was right. She notes under this premise there will be no fair trial, in what she called the ‘kangaroo court’.

She also states that the party would have long been aware of her claims well before the general secretary made it a legal matter 

The party group leader says it’s only fair if the hearing is to secure truth and balance then Dr Dayton Campbell should likewise be part of the proceedings. 

She notes that the letter dated June 14, came through the general secretary’s office and not the chairperson’s office of the disciplinary committee. 

She says given these concerns among others, only after these issues are addressed will she be open to discussing the matter.  She did not indicate or confirm a date to meet with the committee as suggested in the initial letter.