A day after the party’s 81 year celebration, the People’s National Party held a meeting to determine the success of the Conference and the way forward.

The meeting was held at the party’s Head Quarters on Old Hope Road in Kingston.

Dr. Peter Phillips reiterated his concerns with national issues that he says are not allowing for significant process.

He highlighted some issues:

  • The rate of growth is below 1%, even lower than when the last PNP Administration returned the economy to growth
  • Small businesses not getting financing
  • 61,000 more people are living in poverty
  • Income inequality is widening and social inequality is worst

The party leader says several initiatives have been pursued over the years by the JLP-led administration, But none has improved the living conditions of the Jamaican people.

He says social transformation within the family is critical to address the inequality that exists and sustain growth and development.

Dr. Phillips says the cabinet reshuffle will be announced by the end of next week.

He reiterated that persons who supported Peter Bunting in the presidential election are eligible for selection once they are willing to serve.