PNP Announces New Shadow Cabinet

The Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Peter Phillips, MP, today, announced a new Shadow Cabinet with nineteen portfolios, and changes to key Parliamentary responsibilities. The new team includes several fresh faces, who will shadow existing government ministries and engage the country in the PNP’s new policy solutions before the next general election. Dr. Phillips also announced new arrangements to involve some of the new candidates, who are not Members of Parliament, providing them with an opportunity to get policy development experience and strengthen political advocacy.

In a statement this afternoon, Dr. Phillips explained that a basic consideration guiding the selection of the new Shadow Cabinet was not to include persons who would not be candidates in the next general election. Another consideration was to enable younger Parliamentarians to gain experience. 

He said that in keeping with the principle of broadening experience, the opportunity has been taken to appoint some new candidates as Political Portfolio Support. “They will work closely with Portfolio Shadow Ministers and their Task Forces, while sharing their professional skills, and assist in engaging various stakeholder groups throughout the country,” Dr. Phillips said. 

The Opposition Leader appointed Lecturer in Economics at the University of the West Indies and candidate for West Central St. James, Senator, Dr. Andre Haughton to oversee the Planning and Development portfolio, which remains in the Office of the Leader of the Opposition. Dr. Phillips will also be responsible for Defence.

The Opposition Leader also announced that Dr. Morais Guy, MP, will be the new Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives and Mr. Dwayne Vaz, MP, Deputy Leader.

These changes are consequent on the assignment of Mr. Phillip Paulwell, MP, and Ms. Natalie Neita, who have assumed national campaign responsibilities as the People’s National Party (PNP) prepares for the general election, due in sixteen months. 

The Ministry of Social Transformation, Community Development, and Culture, to which Senator Damion Crawford has been assigned, will develop new approaches to achieve far-reaching cultural and social changes required to restore harmony in our families and communities.

Dr. Phillips also announced the appointment of former Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Education, Mrs. Elaine Foster Allen, as the new Shadow Cabinet Secretary.

The new Shadow Cabinet includes nineteen portfolios and 20 Shadow Ministers:

Leader of the Opposition; Planning and Development, and Defence Dr. Peter Phillips, MP
Dr Andre Haughton
(Planning and Development)
Finance and the Public Service Mr Mark Golding, MP
Senator Lambert Brown
(Public Service)
National Security Mr Fitz Jackson, MP
Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Ms. Lisa Hanna, MP
Justice and Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate Senator Donna Scott Mottley
Education and Training Mr Peter Bunting, MP
Mr Michael Stewart, MP
(Teacher Development and Stakeholder Relations) 
Health and Wellness, and Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives Dr. Morais Guy, MP
Tourism Dr. Wykeham McNeill, MP
Transport and Works Mr Mikael Phillips, MP

Water, Environment and Climate Change Dr. Fenton Ferguson, MP
Labour, Social Security and Special Abilities Mr Horace Dalley, MP
Land and Housing

Senator Dr. Floyd Morris
(Social Security and Special Abilities)
Mr Richard Azan, MP
Agriculture and Rural Development Mr Victor Wright, MP
Local Government Ms Natalie Neita, MP

Social Transformation, Community Development and Culture Senator Damion Crawford
Youth, Gender Affairs, Entertainment and Sports Youth, Gender Affairs, Entertainment and Sports
Mr Dwayne Vaz, MP
(Youth and Entertainment)
Deputy Leader of Opposition Business in the House

The Political Portfolio appointments are:

  • ·     Councillor Venesha Phillips– National Security 
  • ·     Patricia Duncan Sutherland– Education and Training 
  • ·     Dr. Walton Small– Education and Training
  • ·     Dr. Shane Alexis– Health and Wellness
  • ·     Imani Duncan-Price– Industry, Competitiveness and Global Logistics
  • ·     Wavell Hinds– Sports
  • ·     Andre Hylton– Transport and Works
  • ·     Valenton Wint– Mining and Energy
  • ·     Ewan Stephenson– Agriculture and Rural Development
  • ·     Mark Malabver– Water, Environment and Climate Change.
  • ·     Joan Gordon-Webley– Local Government