In a recent development, Leader of the Opposition Mark Golding has unveiled a revamped 26-member Shadow Cabinet, introducing fresh faces to the forefront of politics. The reshuffle includes the assignment of specific responsibilities to each Shadow Minister, supported by deputies to be named later, along with their junior counterparts.The revised Shadow Cabinet is organized into four thematic groupings. Under the category of Transparent & Accountable Governance, notable appointments include Dr. Angela Brown-Burke as spokesperson for Foreign & Regional Affairs, Senator Donna Scott-Mottley retaining responsibility for Justice, and Natalie Neita-Garvey overseeing Local Government & Participatory Democracy.

In the realm of Sustainable Economic Development, Julian Robinson assumes the role of spokesperson for Finance & the Public Service, Dr. Dayton Campbell leads Agriculture & Rural Development, and Anthony Hylton takes charge of Investment, Trade & Global Logistics. Social Cohesion & Empowerment bring Senator Peter Bunting to the forefront of Citizen Security & Productivity, Senator Damion Crawford focusing on Education & Community Development, and Dr. Alfred Dawes overseeing Health & Wellness. Within Infrastructure & Human Amenities, Phillip Paulwell leads Energy & Climate Change, Ian Hayles takes charge of Water, Richard Azan manages Roads & Works, and Mikael Phillips is responsible for Transport & Mining.Opposition Leader Golding expressed gratitude to those who served in the previous Shadow Cabinet and acknowledged those not seeking reelection.