Prime Minister Andrew Holness has encouraged his constituents to make good use of the free Wi-Fi afforded them recently. Reminding them that the internet is a source for good as much as it is for evil, while also mandating the universal service fund to do more to educate senior citizens on becoming more tech-savvy. 

Holness was speaking at the launch of a community Wi-Fi spot in Olympic Way, Rhoden Crescent. Prime Minister Andrew Holness is preaching responsible and productive use of the internet amid a push to increase connectivity among Jamaicans. In a recent address to some of his constituents in West Central St Andrew, he reiterated the need to use the internet productively. This is as the government funds critical community Wi-Fi spots aimed at equipping them for the rapidly changing digital future. Holness reminds under the universal service fund, an agency under the Ministry of Science, Energy, and Technology,

The Government’s making available public hot spots and community access points also capable of catering to 200 people at a time in select parks and spaces. The goal of the project is to provide 189 free community Wi-Fi hotspots across the island. 

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