PM Relaxes Curfew Measures as Economy Suffers

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has again relaxed the ongoing curfew hours and anti-COVID-19 safety measures. Effective Saturday, September 18 to October 28, only Sundays will be deemed no movement days with the exception of National Heroes Day, on October 18.

Speaking in parliament he says the economy and livelihoods have suffered major blows due to the constant lockdowns.
The Prime Minister admits constant lockdowns to arrest the spike in COVID-19 infections was to the detriment of the economy. He notes that while the previous measures have aided in the bending of the curve, COVID-19 numbers have remained alarmingly high.

PM Holness also noted that the curfew measures and no movement days have negatively impacted productivity and businesses and this is something that the country can no longer afford.

After much deliberation in Cabinet, he says the Government decided to ease the restriction. Additionally, Mr. Holness says the new curfew begins, at 6 pm Saturday, and ends at 5 am Monday. Sundays remain no movement days, until further notice. Prime Minister Holness says with a mere 7% of the population vaccinated these times and measures will become the guard rails until October 28 as the Government encourages the continued vaccination of the people.

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