PM Promises More Aid for Poor amid Crises

Prime Minister Andrew Holness told stakeholders in Manchester that Jamaica’s not been spared the effects of the global crises. He says while some have seized the moment for political gain, a change in government does not translate to an improvement in circumstances. Coming out of two recent world leadership events in North America and then Rwanda, Holness says the challenges Jamaicans face are synonymous globally.

He notes the gas hike, pandemic and inflation have proven useful for those seeking political mileage. However he notes the government has been fiscally prudent and proven effective even in administering support to the poorest during the prevailing pandemic. Holness says it’s therefore crucial that Jamaicans do not forget the gains made despite the challenges nor be misled by those seeking political leverage.

He cautioned that a change in government would not automatically translate to an improved outcome for the country. Holness also promised more support for the most vulnerable in coming weeks.