PM Holness Tells Prince William Jamaica Will Move On

Wednesday, March 23 was day two of The Royal’s visit to Jamaica, and Prime Minister Andrew Holness has taken the opportunity to inform Prince William, that Jamaica will be moving on. This announcement comes on the heels of several calls for Jamaica, like Barbados, to sever colonial ties and achieve sovereignty by becoming a republic. 

Holness told Prince William Jamaica is a liberal country with expressive people.  He said the royal visit has placed some of the issues and concerns of Jamaicans in context. In December of last year when PM Holness spoke on the topic, he said he intends to lead the country into a republic, however it should not be empty symbolism. He reassured Jamaicans the time will come, but said there were other things to focus on before taking the step.  Although Holness is yet to give a definitive time the nation will sever ties, he told Prince William it will be in short order. 

The royal couple is slated to leave Jamaica on Thursday after an engaging cultural experience. More details in this report:

Reporter Velonique Bowen