PM Holness Promises New, Improved Crime Fighting Tool

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has hinted at possible new and improved crime-fighting measures come January 2023. He also continued his criticism of the Opposition for allegedly proposing amendments to the special measures years after the government had put them before Parliament without the Opposition’s support.

On a tour of the East Kingston Police Division and the Langston Road State of Emergency (SOE) checkpoint, the Prime Minister announced plans to amend aspects of the Enhanced Security Measures Act to allow for detentions of targeted criminals. This while contending years prior in 2019, when the government had suggested a similar change, the opposition PNP refused to support it.

Ironically, he says the opposition has suggested a detention component similar to what the JLP had proposed then. The Prime Minister is pledging to bring about the changes by early January once the opposition supports it. More details below:

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