PM Hints at Differential Treatment for Vaccinated

Prime Minister Andrew Holness hints at the possibility of differential treatment for vaccinated persons. This as he notes a mere 7 percent take-up in vaccines locally despite continued public education and rising COVID-19 infections.

Mr. Holness cited examples in Europe where countries have opted to provide special privileges to the vaccinated. Speaking in the parliament Wednesday, September 15. He noted that eventually it will be developed into a system where differential treatment will become more prominent in the way businesses operate and how persons are treated.

The Prime Minister says while he is not inclined to mandating citizens take the COVID-19 jab, it is likely he will take another approach. He notes it is the duty of every citizen to do what is in the best interest of the nation. Mr. Holness sought to give more examples in Europe while reiterating that over time differential treatment will become a reality.

The Health Ministry is still steadfast in its goal to have 65% of Jamaicans vaccinated by March 22.

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