As part of the government’s initiative to build 70-thousand houses within 5 years for Jamaicans facing severe financial challenges, Prime Minister Holness handed over the keys to the newest unit to a St. Ann resident on Friday. 

Holness says the government’s managed to reduce to building cost for the homes by some 4 million dollars. This unit is among those built at a cheaper cost, in comparison to the earlier units with cost between 7 and 8 million dollars. Holness says the 4-year-old project is slated build 70- thousand houses in five years for those who are most needy. However, he says while the houses are not free, they’re heavily subsidized.

Holness urges the recipients to be model citizens, and encourages others who need similar assistance to request it through their Member of Parliament. Meanwhile, Friday’s recipient, riley tells CVM Live her living situation prior to receiving the unit was deplorable. She lauds everyone involved in the process of building her new home.