PM Calls For Extradition of Crime Syndicates 

Approximately 90% of guns used in criminal activity within Jamaica’s borders originated in the United States, that data was provided by Prime Minister Andrew Holness during a high-level meeting with senior officials of the United States Justice Department to discuss the growing threat of transnational criminal gangs on the island and the influence criminal actors in the United States, of Jamaican origin, are having on the guns for drugs trade.

Prime Minister Holness asked the United States officials to consider the asymmetrical impact, the war on drugs, which began in the 1970s, has had on its regional partners, especially Jamaica.

Holness, thanked the US representatives for the capacity building support they have already provided the island, however, he was asking for the war on drugs to be prosecuted in a fairer way, than it is being currently, potentially starting with individuals already identified by National Security Intelligence.

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