Job opportunities are just one of the benefits that are expected to come from the pending development of Bob Marley Beach in St. Thomas.

Prime Minister (PM ) Andrew Holness says in order to eradicate poverty, there needs to be development; further rubbishing people’s claims that he has an agenda to displace the poor. In response to the condemnations directed at Prime Minister Holness, accusing his administration of catering only to the rich, the PM sought to set the record straight. He told stakeholders in St Thomas that he prioritizes the creation of opportunities for every Jamaican. This comes in light of the recent squabble from Bob Marley Beach residents who are claiming to have legal rights to the land through history. As many calls for the residents to be left alone, PM Holness insists the plans for developing the land will generate opportunities for the parish. 

Reporter: Velonique Bowen

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