PM Announces Plans To Close Major Dumps, Set Up Landfill 

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says after several years of study the government has strategized a plan to transform Jamaica’s municipal waste management crisis, which includes closing our current dumps. The Prime Minister at a recent engagement says this transformation will see waste management becoming marketable as the bi-products will be used to generate electricity.

The Riverton City and Retirement dumps which are Jamaica’s main sources of dispelling waste will also be closed permanently. Holness says a long-term concession for the collecting of garbage will be granted to facilitate the transitional period. Noting the economical benefits of waste management, Holness also points to the environmental factors that the reformation will provide. Citing education also plays a pivotal role in this process. He says the National Solid Waste Authority (NSWA) is in full control of matters of concern, especially with the deliberate arson at the dump.

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Reporter: Nicola Brown