PM Addresses Health Concerns in Jamaica

Global emerging and newer threats to health requires a unified approach from the government and citizens -that’s according to Prime Minister Andrew Holness who is a calling on citizens to take the necessary precautions in light of deadly diseases.

Late last month, a National Dengue clean up was carried out from the 24th to the 26th. During this period, several areas were searched for mosquitoes and breeding sites which were destroyed. Approximately, 158 communities were identified as being in need of urgent action and various groups were clean-up operations in those communities.

The Prime Minister believes that citizens need to be more proactive and be more environmentally conscious. He says doing this might reduce the number of dengue cases across the island. He goes further to note that being apart of the dengue cleanup is a necessity to save lives and protect families.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness was speaking at a meeting in Clarendon with several other Members of Parliament.