Plans are in motion to revive the 200-year-old Musgrave Market in Portland, which suffered significant damage in a fire last year. During a recent tour of the area, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that the government has enlisted a team of consultants to redesign the entire market district—a vital hub for local commerce and tourism. The blaze, which occurred last year, engulfed sections of the 18th-century Musgrave Market, leading to the displacement of several vendors and causing extensive damage to nearby businesses. Despite the challenges, the Prime Minister revealed that efforts are underway not only to restore the burned structure but to revitalize the entire market district.

While a specific timeline for the project was not provided, Prime Minister Holness attributed the slow progress to bureaucratic processes within government agencies. In the interim, Eastern Portland MP Ann Marie Vaz shared that a deposit has been made to construct a temporary structure for vendors on the property, with completion expected by March. Despite welcoming the plans for reprieve, vendors have expressed concerns about sanitary inconveniences. Both the Prime Minister and MP Vaz have assured that they are addressing these issues. The cause of the Musgrave fire was initially suspected to be arson, but investigators later ruled it out. As of now, the exact cause remains unknown.


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