Phillip Paulwell Calls for Jamalco Update

Since the recent fire at Jamalco powerhouse, Clarendon in late August, many questions are being raised. And though no serious injuries were reported, it is understood operations have been halted since the incident. Opposition Spokesman on Mining and Energy, Phillip Paulwell is demanding an update on the incident.

The Jamaican Government has 45% ownership in Jamalco. A company that produces and exports alumina adding to the country’s economic value, the reported closure has not sat well for some Jamalco employees. Paulwell notes that there have been talks that the plant might be closed for a long time and states that though the Government is currently under pressure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the country deserves an insight on the matter.

The alumina refinery in Clarendon was ravaged by fire on Sunday, August 23. A news release shared by company, says seven people were treated for smoke inhalation. A possible cause of the fire was cited by an employee who sought anonymity, but that is yet to be confirmed.

Several calls to Energy Minister Daryl Vaz‘s cellphone Friday, September 3, proved futile. Meanwhile, Jamalco promised an update but was unable to confirm or deny the closure of the plant.

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