Philanthropist Risks Being Prosecuted to Feed the Needy

Philanthropists are not exempted from the Easter lockdown. However, for Kaydian James, the risk of being prosecuted pales in comparison to feeding the homeless within her community.

She was featured last year, extending her Sunday dinner to the poor and needy within Annotto Bay, St. Mary.

Since the start of the Easter lock down, James has dedicated her time to providing meals not only on Sundays but for the extended curfew period .

Members of the community say her meal packages often tempt them because of how nutritious and presentable they appear.

Residents refer to James as the Samaritan for the community.

The CVM Live team observed how thankful the recipients were and while the food energized many to allow them to crack a smile, some sat full, content  and mellow for the remainder of the Sunday evening.