State-owned oil refinery Petrojam has implemented a series of measures aimed at reducing the chances of its employees missing crucial statutory filing deadlines. This decision comes in the wake of the Integrity Commission’s disclosure that four Petrojam workers might face legal action for failing to submit their 2019 statutory declarations.

Among the measures introduced is the installation of a drop box within the Human Resource Department, specifically designed to streamline and ensure prompt submissions of statutory documents.

Moreover, Petrojam intends to launch an extensive internal educational campaign to foster a culture of compliance and awareness among its workforce.

The individuals implicated in the Integrity Commission’s controversy risk severe penalties, including fines of up to $500,000 or a potential six-month imprisonment.

Addressing Parliament on Wednesday, House Speaker Juliet Holness emphasized the critical importance for all civil servants to adhere to deadlines for statutory filings, cautioning that negligence in this regard could irreparably damage their professional reputation.