Petersfield Residents Protest Alleged Police Shooting

Residents of Petersfield in Westmoreland on Saturday blocked several roads in the community, in protest of the shooting and injuring of a man allegedly by the police on Friday.

But the police have a different story.

CVM Live understands that the Independent Commission Of Investigations, INDECOM has since launched an investigation into the matter. Residents took to the streets to express their frustration at what they say is an act of injustice at the hands of the police; the shooting and injuring of a man. 

According to the residents two unmarked vehicles pulled up at a section of the community and gunshots were heard. They later learned that the occupants of the vehicle were police officers.

Deputy Superintendent of police in charge of operations for the Westmoreland Police Division, Adrian Hamilton explains that an operation was conducted in the area and a group of men were seen. Upon seeing the police the men ran in separate directions while engaging the police in a gun battle. Hamilton says the police checked the area and no one was found injured.

Subsequently a man turned up at the Savanna-La-Mar hospital claiming he was shot during the incident.