Trench Town Couple Living With Unique Condition Seeks Help

Trench Town, Jamaica: A couple in Trench Town living with a unique condition is hoping that their story will touch the public. Peter Mcdonald and Lannie Brown, both disabled, are asking for assistance after the construction of a small bathroom area to improve their living condition is now in limbo due to financial constraints.

The couple lives in a one room house in Trench Town. Peter who is blind and Lannie who is crippled  have been struggling to make ends meet.

The couple say they were not able to benefit from the recent COVID-19 Grant for the disabled because they were unaware.

The hot stove that he uses to cook has been having electrical issues, the refrigerator is not working and the fan they have is barely blowing. Peter has had to maneuver around the household to make things work- from sourcing water to washing dishes and clothes and even hanging them to dry.

A proud Peter told CVM LIVE that he would often receive compliments from neighbours about the neatness of his work.

However, he said some days are not that easy, with Sundays being the hardest. Nonetheless, a group of youth from the community is constructing a bathroom structure for the duo.

Peter explains that he is extremely thankful for the support and finally being able to own their very own toilet.

But financial constraints have put the project in a limbo.

CVM LIVE‘S Jamaila Maitland has more: