The Primary Exit Profile (PEP) ability test originally scheduled for February 22, has been postponed until March 24, 2022. The information comes after a meeting involving members of the National NSC/PEP monitoring Committee held last Friday, February 11. Education Minister Fayval Williams announced the change in the administration dates against the background of concerns raised by stakeholders in the education sector.

Last Friday the National NSC-PEP Monitoring Committee held a meeting with stakeholders in the education sector as concerns were raised publicly by stakeholders about students’ readiness to sit these exams.

The Ministry’s School Improvement and Operation Branch subsequently conducted a survey communicating its concerns, with questions specific to the exams originally scheduled for February 22.

According to the survey, 73% of the respondents said they were not ready, while another 59 percent were not in support of the set date. More than 70% of the teachers who responded to the survey stated that students were not ready for the assessment and 59% preferred a change in the date of the assessment.

Options were later discussed and put to a vote by committee members. The Minister then accepted the recommendation to postpone the pep ability test and administer it at the scheduled date of the performance task, March 24.