People’s National Party Against Vax Mandate

The Opposition Leader, Mark Golding has fired back at the government’s plan to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine in the near future. During a media briefing Monday, Opposition Leader Mark Golding says the government would do better by incentivizing the vaccination process rather than coercing people into getting the jab.

That’s just one of the concerns raised by the opposition leader and PNP President as to why the opposition is not in favour of a vaccine mandate at this time. The prime minister has recently hinted at the possibility of a soon-to-come vaccine mandate. As the level of vaccine hesitancy remains high, reducing vaccine take-up, Mr Golding says the approach to consider is incentivizing Jamaicans rather than coercing them to get the jab.

Meantime, Golding lauded the recent vaccination policy drafted by several private sector groups.