Consumers are being urged to prepare for the worst. With fuel prices climbing steadily, Opposition Spokesperson on Energy Phillip Paulwell says he’s seen light bill costs doubling in the past weeks.

He warns of a general increase in all services while sharing his uncertainty of the government’s goal to keep inflation under 10 per cent. Some consumers are seeing up to 50 percent increase in light bill costs; a trend that is of significant concern to Opposition Spokesperson on Energy and Mining, Phillip Paulwell.

Though the government will provide a 20 percent subsidy for more than 450,000 low- and middle-income households for the next four months Paulwell says this will be a drop in the bucket. He predicts that prices will continue to hike unless the government intervenes. Paulwell is calling for this concession to be extended for the fiscal year to ease the financial burden on consumers.

He is also suggesting that Jamaica renew its deal with Venezuelan Fuel Company Petro Caribe, as it will provide, as he puts it, a “fantastic” arrangement that will benefit consumers.