Palmer Family Receives Permission To View Relative’s Body

The Palmer family on Friday received a response from the University Hospital of the West Indies granting them permission to view the body of the late Daniel Palmer, otherwise called ‘Don Pepe’ who relatives believe died because of medical negligence. 

Were comforted Friday morning as the family members shared their raw emotions after viewing the body at Jones Funeral Home Friday afternoon.

The hospital allege they have been trying to contact the family and Attorney at Law, Isat Buchanan since Palmer died on December 4, 2020. However, Buchanan was not hired to this case until January 14, 2021.

Buchanan says he has been corresponding with a Senior Legal Counsel at the hospital the day after he was hired.

Both the family and Buchanan are awaiting the earliest possible date for Palmer’s body to be autopsied.

Paige Dixon reports for CVM Live: