Parents and students alike have been showing up across the island to get vaccinated. On Monday, August 23, parish officials in St. Elizabeth commended residents’ response to the call for vaccination. The Santa Cruz Health Center in St.Elizabeth was teeming with activity as many came out to receive their COVID-19 vaccines.

According to Parish Manager Sean Brissett, there were commendable turnouts across the parish. Brissett attributes the day’s large turnout to the collaboration of the MP’s and school principals. Through their efforts, persons in St.Elizabeth were able to access transportation during the no-movement day.

Former MP and parent Kern Spencer welcomes the call for parents to vaccinate their children over 12 years old, to aid in efforts to resume face-to-face classes. As schools are slated to reopen in September. Spencer says he has seen how challenging it has been for students over the last year and wants to see a full reopening of the school system, so children can get back to some level of normalcy when it comes to education.

The child-focused Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination blitz ended on Tuesday, August 24. COVID-19 vaccinations for the general population will resume on Wednesday, August 25.

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