Over 60 People Murdered Since the Start of the Year

The country has seen a wave of violent crimes since the start of the year, including the brutal murder of 9-year old Gabriel King on Thursday in St. James. Just mere hours after a man was shot and killed in the parish.

The incident happened in close proximity to the newly constructed Mount Salem Police Station, and under the imposition of a zone of special operation in the area. This follows a double murder on Wednesday and several other shooting incidents.

The fatal shooting of 29-year old Ishamar Campbell of west village in St. James on Thursday brings to thirteen the amount of people murdered in the parish since the start of the year. Reports from the police are that about 6:15pm citizens reported hearing explosions along the Mount Salem Main Road.

The police were alerted and on their arrival Campbell was seen lying on his back in a pool of blood with gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at hospital.

PNP Councillor for the area, Kerry Thomas is appealing for further intervention of the security forces.