OUR Urges Porting Vigilance Of Telecoms Customers

OUR urges porting vigilance – Reports of customers phones being ported without their permission led to an investigation by the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR). A customer’s complaint to CVM LIVE triggered the action to check whether representatives from telecommunication providers Flow and Digicel were porting numbers without the required permission.

At the time, FLOW had indicated it had not received any such reports of their representatives following that procedure.

Meanwhile, Digicel noted that employees were trained to follow procedure.

OUR is urging porting vigilance of telecommunications customers saying that it is a breach of the industry number portability guidelines to port a number outside the stated points of sale. These points of sale are the head office, a retail store or authorized dealer of the intended new service provider. The customer is also to be provided with a porting request form to complete from the intended new service provider. The OUR is warning customers to be wary of service provider representatives who wish to initiate the porting process outside of these stated points of sale.

OUR urges porting vigilance – CVM LIVE‘s Khadijah Thomas reports: