Opposition Speaks on the State of Education

“The State of Education,” was the theme for a media conference at the office of the Opposition Leader on Tuesday, October 26, held by the Opposition stakeholders in the Education Ministry.

Shadow Minister in Education Dr. Angela Brown-Burke continued to highlight more pressing issues affecting the sector.
A major issue highlighted by Dr. Brown-Burke is the transparency regarding information between the Health Ministry and schools. Brown-Burke noted that the statistics on community transmission is shared every month with the Municipal Corporation and says there should not be an issue sharing this same information with principals and school leaders, especially those who have students who come from concentrated areas or communities.

Meanwhile, former Permanent Secretary in Education, Dr. Elaine Foster-Allen was adamant in her address on the state of Education in Jamaica, she noted that there needs to be accountability for the 120,000 cohort of students who have been off the radar since March 2020. She is calling on answers from the Minister of Education, Fayval Williams.

Another issue that was raised by Junior Shadow Minister, Rasheen Roper-Robinson was the outstanding payments due to teachers who were involved with the Summer School Intervention Learning Programme, (SLIP).

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