Opposition Raises Concerns About Plans for Education

Several concerns have been raised by the Opposition Spokesperson on Education and Training regarding health protocols and public transportation for children. According to Dr. Angela Brown Burke, these are key focus areas that must be readily addressed by the Education Ministry.

She is concerned about the protocols to be maintained in schools to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. She says even if masks are worn and sanitisers are provided, a clear plan must be put in place to ensure that they’re consistently available and practiced in the school environment.

“You have to look at how that is maintained over the period in terms of the amount of hand washing to be required when students leave their room , come in and so on. Who is going to do that washing down?” she questioned.

Brown Burke says she has spoken with educators and is of the view that the reopening plan must be clearly articulated to parents and children. She believes this will help them to better prepare for whichever approach is chosen for the learning process.

“If we plan carefully and if we do what is needed and especially if we take the guidance from the experts who really are the persons who are involved in that teaching learning process, we can find the solutions. I would like to see us do that as quickly as possible but that should not be at the expense and life of out teachers.”

The opposition has long been observing the policies being enforced by the government – and has been clear with their suggestions for the Ministry. Newly appointed Opposition Spokesperson on Education and Training, Dr. Angela Brown Burke believes that the best approach must be taken to keep educators and students safe.

CVM LIVE‘s Khadijah Thomas reports: