Opposition Presses Gov’t for Accountability Amid Corruption Scandal  

The People’s National Party (PNP) is united in the call for accountability, following news that Prime Minister Andrew Holness has been implicated in a multi-million-dollar corruption probe. As years of questionable actions come to light, the Party’s representatives are reminding the Prime Minister that he is known for striking quick action against corruption. Leader of the Opposition Mark Golding says this referral of Prime Minister Andrew Holness to the Director of Corruption Prosecution for consideration with respect to breaches of the Contractor General Act, raises serious questions about integrity, credibility, and his fitness to lead Jamaica.   

Adding, it is public knowledge that the integrity commission has not been able to certify the prime minister’s statutory declaration of assets, liability, and income for 2021. Meanwhile, Opposition Spokesperson on Justice Donna Scott-Mottley notes the Prime Minister has received commendations for his fast, decisive action against corruption, even in his own party over the 7 years of his leadership. She believes he should not be spared from similar treatment. Watch the report for more details:

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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